Monday, September 30, 2013

Birthday, and Hild morsels

Today is my birthday. I intend to loaf about eating croissants, drinking coffee, and people watching, followed by Champagne and whatever other delights Kelley has conjured.

Meanwhile here are a few Hildish morsels to keep you amused:

  • I wrote a piece about Hild's literary ancestors for Book Keeping. 
  • The Hugo House reading is now scheduled for Wednesday, November 13. See updated appearances.
  • Bookdwarf likes Hild. A lot.
  • Robin Sloan does too. You can see an updated page of rave (and not-so-rave) reviews here.
  • I've been invited to speak at King's College, London, on Saturday Oct 26. We're trying to get a flight, but if you're going to be in London, bookmark the Medieval Science Fiction Roundtable because IT WILL BE AWESOME.
  • Sadly, Kelley and I will not be at World Fantasy Convention in Brighton. So if you want to buy our memberships drop a comment ASAP.
Hild will be published six weeks tomorrow. Maybe I should get one of those countdown widgets...
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