Thursday, September 12, 2013

Save the date: Hild appearances

Hild is published on 12 November. That is, 11.12.13 (currently my favourite numbers). Most of my appearance stuff is still TBD. But here are a seven dates already written in stone:

October 6 - 7, PORTLAND:
PNBA trade show: Author breakfast (Mon. 8:00 - 9:30 a.m.) with Elizabeth George, Brandon Sanderson, Cynthia Voigt and 150 booksellers; probably also attending the big party the night before. 
October 23, SEATTLE:
Elliott Bay Book Company: 7 pm. Not Hild-related. Interviewing John Freeman about his How to Read a Novelist, a collection of 55 profiles of icons like Toni Morrison, Haruki Murakami, Doris Lessing...
November 13, SEATTLE:
Seattle Mystery Books, noon. Signing Hild. I'll probably have a hangover because, well, see above, but I'll be beaming with happiness. I'll chat to you. I'll sign your book. 
November 13, SEATTLE:
Hugo House, 7 pm. Sponsored by the Elliott Bay Book Company. Reading, drinks, audience Q and A, long happy chats, more drinks, signing, even more drinks... Party!! 
November 23 -24, MIAMI:
Miami Book Fair International. All details TBD 
December 10, SEATTLE:
Seattle Central Library, 7 pm. A big bash in the Auditorium, sponsored by University Book Store. I'll read from Hild. I'll answer questions and tell stories. It'll be amazing. And free.
December 14, SAN FRANCISCO:
Writers With Drinks, 7:00 for 7:30 pm. Me and Kelley doing readings and whatnot, along with a specular mix of other writers--we just, er, don't know who, or any other details. Yet.
February 26 - March 1, SEATTLE:
AWP Conference and Bookfair. A reading with Dorothy Allison, Ellery Washington, and Ellen Bass, introduced by Tony Valenzuela. All other details TBD.
As I say, lots more to come. Possibilities so far in order of likelihood:
  • Chicago
  • Atlanta
  • St. Louis
  • Madison 
And of course lots more regional dates.) I'll try keep the appearances part of my Hild page current, so check back.

If you want me to come to your city, I'll need the trip to be paid for. This means one of two things:
1. For you to guarantee and event with 200+ attendees, in which case it's possible my publisher would consider it a reasonable investment for me and Kelley to fly there and stay in a hotel. 
- or -
2. For you to crowdsource the funding via something like and/or donations and/or grants.
If you think you can guarantee either, and the dates aren't already taken, either drop a comment or email me and we'll figure it out.
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