Monday, February 21, 2011

With Her Body now an ebook

cover by Jennifer Durham

With Her Body, more than one hundred pages of juicy, luscious fiction, is now available as an ebook. Buy it from Amazon, buy it from Aqueduct Press or from one of the nifty new ebookstores such as Wizard's Tower or Weightless Books.

With Her Body is one novella, one novelette, and one story, all set in hot and sticky places. Read more about it here on my website--yes, yes, I will redesign that puppy one day, really.

If you'd rather listen before you buy, there's a ten-minute audio clip from the novelette, "Touching Fire," here.

There's also a vid, with nifty music and suchlike, made by FoAN Karina Meléndez in response to that reading. (For some reason the embed code has been disabled, huh, so you'll have to watch it on YouTube here.)

Why should you bother? Because. Because I wrote it. Because it's mind-boggling supersinful and delicious. Because it's only $5.95!

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