Sunday, February 20, 2011

Clear February

I've lost count of the number of sunny days we've had this month here in Seattle. It's been extraordinary: brilliant light, morning after morning. Clear, bright light turns the house into a fruit salad of colour. Astonishing thing to wake up to and walk around in. And last night the moon was incredible. I spent more time than is seemly just gawping at it. It hung low and brilliant on the horizon as we drove home; then hooked itself to a tracery of rowan branches in our front garden and poured into our bedroom. An ordinary night turned into a fairyland of slate and silvered tin and jet black.

I suspect my next couple of days will be mostly standing about with my mouth hanging open, thinking, Look at that! The world is a fine place when one isn't working ten hours a day. Full of magic...

...and just a tad disorganised. I expect I'll be erratic and eccentric around here again for a while. Just go with it.

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