Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oooh, a new Daphne Du Maurier story!

From the Telegraph, news of a lost story by Daphne Du Maurier:

The Doll, billed as “a dark story of obsession and jealousy”, is the peculiar tale of a man who becomes infatuated with a woman he meets at a party. He visits her home only to discover the real object of her affection: a life-size, mechanical male doll.

The story was written around 1928 and the female character was called Rebecca, a name du Maurier would use a decade later in her most famous novel.

It is one of 13 du Maurier short stories to be published in a new anthology.
The author made reference to The Doll in her autobiography but biographers and academics failed to find it. Ann Willmore, a du Maurier enthusiast, spent years on the case and finally unearthed it in a 1937 compendium, The Editor Regrets, featuring short stories that had been rejected for publication.

Although I've never been able to get through any of her novels (believe me, I've tried) I'm a big fan of Du Maurier's short fiction. If I ever get around to the anthology I've been mulling for years, I'll use one of her pieces. (Yes, I know exactly which one I want. No, I'm not telling you.) But this one sounds juicy: sex-toy science fiction. Or as one of my Canadian friends might say (waves to Wendy): teledildonics!

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