Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunshine and kerbs

The sun is shining. The kerbs are growing. DADT has fallen. Life is good.

Here, just because I can, are some gratuitous kerb shots:

These four are doing well: basil (it's going to turn into a hulking bully, I can just tell), chives (a bit effete, but probably cunning), thyme (at some point I assume it will start creeping instead of reaching) and marjoram (which is also going to be a whopper). Just out of sight (and doing well) is the oregano.

Remember last week I said the sage and parsley were being dilatory, but that I thought the sage might be alive but the parsley not? Well, ta-da!

It's alive. A bit behind the others, but we'll nurture it. It will survive. The parsley, though... Let's just say we've ordered a replacement.

So, until next week's episode of Kerb Kitchen, have a fine week.

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