Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nickel Creek and the Kerbs

Not a new band name, sadly. Nope, we're in the middle of a Pineapple Express. Under the house, the sump pump is going like the bilge pump of a sinking ship. In the back garden we have a new and temporary creek:

But inside the house, all is warm and snug. In the kitchen the kerbs are growing like vines. Here's the barbershop quartet of thyme, basil, marjoram and a tiny wee shoot of chive:

Remember, they only started sprouting this week. They're going to be monsters. Here, for completists (you know who you are), is the full set:

As you can see, the parsley and sage are being a bit dilatory. I see condensation on the plastic hat over the sage, so it might well be that the seeds are germinating. But the parsley, I dunno, the parsley might be a dud.

I hope your Sunday is warm and snug (or, for those of you in the southern hemisphere, cool and airy). And now I think it's time for some chocolate biscuits, or perhaps crumpets dripping with butter. Or, aha! Crumpets, followed by tea and biscuits. The right answer always comes...

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