Sunday, December 5, 2010

Perbs are dead, long live the kerbs

A picture taken yesterday morning: the torture tree has lost the last of its leaves. Winter is officially upon us. (Here's how it looked in September.)

We've harvested the last of the perbs, with two exceptions. We've left the thyme, hoping it might survive a while longer in its oversized pot, and we've brought the basil inside (though I doubt it'll last, even indoors, so we'll harvest that soon for one final salad extravaganza).

We've also taken steps to ensure our winter supply:

We're trying to sprout and support basil, parsley, marjoram, thyme, sage, chives, and marjoram. In other words, all the stuff we had on the deck, except the dill. Turns out, neither of us are big fans. We have oregano growing in the front garden, but neither of us is particularly keen on scampering out there first thing in the morning in robe and slippers to cut oregano to go on the omelette. So now get to get to grow some indoors, too. The first sprouts will appear in three or four days, I think, but we won't be able to harvest for a while.

Fair warning: I'll be documenting the growth of our lovely little kitchen herbs: the kerbs.

ETA: But what if the seed packet labelling is a lie? What if I'm growing a beanstalk, or little pod aliens, or...

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