Saturday, December 11, 2010

Two videos: Christmas Carols performed on iThings, and the year in review via Google search

(via Social Times)

Christmas carols by the North Point iBand, all done on iThings, using apps such as SoundGrid, Medoly Bell, Guitarist, iGog, Bassist, Pocket Organ, and Percussions.

My favourite, Feliz Navidad, starts about five minutes in. Enjoy.

And then here's one from Google: the year in review through search. (Via Angélique)

The, ah, what the hell, here's a third video that ends with a writer saying to a 'writer': "I have a gun in my car. I'm going to go get it now." Via our nifty Friday links-for-writers post at Sterling Editing. There's lots o' other good stuff there for those of us who commit to this psychopath-in-training business...

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