Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday audio: hypnagogic #2

If you don't remember why I call these things hypnagogics, read last week's Friday audio post.

So. This is another of those weirdnesses. It's a poem. I was thinking about rhythm; I'd been reading Y Gododdin and falling in love with Old Welsh. This isn't that kind of rhythm, but it's, well, it's particular. The bad news is that I'm not convinced it makes sense. The good news is it only lasts 21 seconds. Enjoy:

Next week, I'll get back to real readings, a good meaty ten minutes of something from Stay. Then, well, I've promised Karina a reading from "Touching Fire."

Meanwhile, over on my research blog, Gemæcce, I have a post based on a delicious snippet of 8th C. Irish storytelling brought to my attention by Lisa Spangenberg. (Thanks, Lisa.)

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