Thursday, August 28, 2008

take my vote--please

From: Pierce

I feel bad that you are unable to participate in the upcoming Presidential election. Seeing as how I trust your judgment completely, I have decided to give you the opportunity to cast a vote…sort of. I am ceding my vote for President to you. Tell me who deserves my vote, and so shall I cast it. I urge your other devoted readers to do the same.

Wow. Is that even legal? Okay, let's assume it is. Vote for Obama. Everyone: vote for Obama. Just in case I haven't been clear, I say again: VOTE FOR OBAMA.

Do I like him? Nope. I don't have to like him. I just have to have half a brain, an IQ in the three figures: another Republican in the White House will send this country down the toilet. It's that simple. And if you don't vote for Obama that's what you'll get. And here's what British people think of that:

It seems incredible, but...America could be on course to re-elect a Republican as their President. Not just any Republican either, but a belligerent 71-year-old who can't remember how many houses he owns, would happily nuke Iran and whose answer to global warming is to drill for oil in environmentally sensitive areas off the coast of America which don't even have much oil...Really, America is a strange, strange country. After a disastrous and illegal war, in which 4000 American soldiers have died, in the middle of an economic crisis largely caused by the investment houses that finance the Republican party, you would have thought it almost inconceivable that the Republicans could be re-elected. Could any political brand be more toxic? Has any party in history deserved to be thrown out at an election more than the Republicans in 2008?
(read the rest at The Herald--it's a Glasgow paper)

I loathe politics. I loathe network TV. But I take life seriously, and casting a vote is a deadly serious business. People have died for that right. All over the world, they're still dying for it. So last night and tonight I watched speeches from Denver. I watched Michelle Obama (and let me say, she has a great speech writer). I watched Hillary Clinton (and she would make a great leader of the senate or Secretary of State--anyone out there watching the other night think she hasn't already got something in her pocket?).

I think conventions are silly, and this one was no exception. (Except this was the first time I saw a friend on TV waving a placard--hi Jen!) And Hillary still doesn't have much of a sense of crowd rhythm but, damn, she was a professional tonight. I was glad.

I want you all to make sure you're registered to vote, and then I want you to fucking vote. Vote Obama. Sure, do it for me if you don't want to do it for yourselves. Just do it.

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