Monday, May 5, 2008

buy me a drink

From: Kai Jones

I have a question: can I buy you a drink if we're ever colocated? Just as a thank you for the great pleasure I've gotten from reading your books.

Co-located. Took me a minute. For a split second I read it as 'occupying the same colon'. Ooof. But, yes, certainly, if we're ever in the same town/meet at a reading/attend the same conference of convention, please do buy me a drink. Buy me several. I drink most things, though I'm not very fond of rum and I can't bear creme de menthe (shudder). And of course, some beers and wines are better than others.

I often go out for a beer after a reading. Every now and again I have to say no, because I've arranged something else but mostly, yep, I'll go for a pint with readers afterwards. So will you be in Seattle or Los Angeles this month?

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