Sunday, May 4, 2008


From: Shannon Casey

I just finished Always and put it on my partner's
nightstand to read. We love your books, and had the
chance to hear you read in Seattle just before the
womens bookstore closed around 9 yrs ago.

At the end of Always you talk about community
listings, but I could not find it on your web-site. I
wanted to make certain you knew about The Center for
Anti-Violence Education in Brooklyn, NY
. I took some
classes there last year and had my daughter in the
children's self-defense class.

Have you thought of writing any kids books? It just
occurred to me you would be great at finding a strong
voice for a kids character. I am always frustrated at
the lack kids books about strong kids.

We just moved to Singapore, and there are amazing
groups here. If you find yourself in Asia, please
contact me if you would like to set up a reading.

Thank you again for getting Aud onto paper to share
with us.

I seem to have several readers in Singapore. I wonder how I can introduce you to each other. (If you have any ideas, let me know.)

The community links page on my website is here; I'll add CAE.

Red & Black: I remember that store fondly. The only thing wrong with it was the lack of air conditioning. The last reading I did there was for The Blue Place. It was a 90-degree+ day. Awful. But the audience was great. Every city should have a women's bookshop. I love Charis in Atlanta, A Room of One's Own in Madison, and Women and Children First in Chicago. They sell a lot of my books, and I wish I could get there more often.

I have a couple of ideas for children's books--I'm not sure if they're novels with a few illustrations or graphic novels. And there's a YA screenplay I really want to do. And a young adult fantasy (not sure if it's really a 'YA Novel' or just a novel with younger adults as the main characters--one day I'll really have to sit down and think about how to classify things) I've been itching to have a go at. But I have so very many ideas. They have to take a number and join the queue. A lot depends on what happens in the next year or so, career-wise, as to where I go next. But writing for younger readers/viewers is a distinct possibility.

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