Thursday, April 3, 2008

creepy stalker

From: anonymous

it's bizarre. i heard you on TTBOOK and thought you sounded fascinating, though i confess i've never read anything you've written. then i went on-line and discovered that we were exactly the same age, had emigrated to the US from england at exactly the same time, and had pretty well exactly the same tastes in booze, food and music (with one glaring exception -- Oranjeboom: loathe it, whatever the weather). i'm male, so this isn't some creepy stalkerish come-on. i'm also a firm believer in relevant coincidence and couldn't get it out of my head that we may have met. you don't happen to be a friend of Alison Spedding's do you?

that you think being male negates the possibility of you being a creepy stalker. (Not that I think you are a cs, just that...ah, never mind.) I've never been stalked, to my knowledge, but I have read various posts online by people whom I've never met claiming to have had lunch with me, and/or met me in some bookshop I've never been in. So either their meds need adjusting, or my memory is fucked (entirely possible, if the lunch was a v. boozy one, especially Oranjeboom, which is pretty strong, as well as being utterly delicious), or there's an imposter out there.

No, I don't know Alison Spedding, though it wouldn't surprise me if we've been in the same room at some point, because it's a small world, and I imagine it might be fun to have a drink and sit around and tell tall tales with her.

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