Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Last HILD reading in Seattle: Third Place, Ravenna, Wednesday 19th, 7 pm

Tomorrow is my very last Hild reading in Seattle. By last I mean last. The next set of readings will be for Hild II. So if you want to hear Hild-as-three-year-old and Hild-as-butcherbird, or perhaps Hild-discovers-sex, or even—depending on a variety of factors—the very beginning of Hild II, come to Third Place Books in the cosy Ravenna neighbourhood. Wednesday, at 7 pm. Sip a beer (they have a truly fab eatery with beer and wine) and listen and chat. Especially chat: the Q and A if often my favourite part of the evening. I love to talk about my book!

If you can't make it, you can still get a book signed and personalised. Both paperback and hardback make beautiful gifts. The lovely people at Third Place will ship. Hild, as I've said before, is a luscious object. (See that close-up of the thick gold debossed title...) But if you want the book personalised, you have to get your orders in before Wednesday evening. After that it'll have to be just a signature; I'm guessing I'll be signing a bunch o' stock.

I'm guessing you don't need to see more pix of the hardcover (unless it's with cute cats reading) but if you want to peer more closely at the paperback take a look here.

So: Wednesday 19th November, 7 pm, Ravenna location of Third Place Books. Join us!
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