Monday, October 13, 2014

HILD paperback!

Hild will be out in paperback 28 October from Picador. I just spent a very satisfying ten minutes trying to decide where to put the Washington State Book Award sticker.

It's a lovely-looking thing. I admit to being impressed by myself when I looked at all the quotes and the back cover copy. I'm grinning all over again...

This one deserves a good home. I'll send it to the reader who suggests the best review quote that isn't on the book. (You can find lots of same—but not all; I got a bit overwhelmed—here if you need inspiration. But the quote doesn't have to be here for you to use it.)

Or, hey, awards make me feel generous: I'll also send a copy to the reader who has the best idea of where to put that sticker. (Where to put it on the book. Just behave...)
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