Friday, January 10, 2014

Hild in the UK?

From: Sue

Do you have any idea when Hild will be available in the UK? Online sellers that have it are shipping from the US; which I guess I could do, but I keep expecting to find it in bookshops. And the bookshops also don't seem to know anything. I am frustrated!

Sorry to hear that you've been ill -- best wishes for a quick and complete recovery.
There is currently no UK edition of Hild. (Why? It's a mystery to me, truly. I'm told that UK publishing is wary of long books, though I have to say the evidence is to the contrary. It's rather confusing.)

This means that everything has to ship from the US. The US publisher, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, tell me that the UK distributor, Melia Publishing Services, is importing books; they just keep selling out. Or as a friend in the UK recently put it:

1. Yes, they are stocking it.

2. Yes, they had an initial delivery, but they were all gone in 6 days. Faster than a startled hind, as Hild might have it.

3. Yes, they have ordered more, but they have no idea when they will get them because demand in the US is so high and it is the Holidays....

The main impression I am getting is, "can't print 'em fast enough" :-)

This is good news for me in the sense that if demand is high the book is doing well. But obviously it sucks for readers--which in the long term is bad for me and for the book.

So my goal is to get the book actually published over there. But as UK publishing appears to be in disarray, I'm sorry to say I've no idea how long that will take.
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