Saturday, January 11, 2014

Aud in Kindle for UK?

From: Susan Robinson 

I have just come across your Aud books via Stay, borrowed from my local library. Once I realised it was the second out of three I purchased the others, Blue Place and Always for my Kindle (osteoarthritis makes holding a book uncomfortable).

I would dearly like to have Stay for my Kindle as well. Are there any plans to release it? Right now it seems a bit odd to have the previous and subsequent titles available and be missing this important link in the story.

A bonus for me is discovering your books and knowing I have enjoyment ahead of me. My next purchase will be Hild, having read very complimentary reviews on Facebook!
I'm delighted you managed to get the Aud books at all in the UK. They have never been officially published there, just imported from the US. Clearly HarperCollins (who published The Blue Place) and Riverhead/Penguin (Always) feel able to offer the Kindle version but Vintage/Random House (Stay) don't.

I couldn't agree with you more: being able to get two of the books and not the third is so far from ideal it approaches the bizarre. Sadly this is currently out of my control. There's nothing I'd like more than to get the rights back to all three and publish them properly and as a coherent package all over the world. I'm working on it. As and when I get my own way on this I'll post the news here. 

Yesterday I talked to someone on Facebook who had written a lovely appraisal of Aud, and I realized that, while there's still story to be told, I'm not interested in writing a novel until I control how the series is published. But please don't hold your breath. As I said the other day, the state of UK publishing is a mystery to me.

Meanwhile I'm so very sorry to hear about your arthritis. I've suffered the inability--fortunately only temporary--to hold heavy books and I can only imagine your frustration.
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