Friday, December 13, 2013

Hild roundup #7

Three pieces of Hild news:
  • The hardcover, which has been out four weeks and three days, has just gone into a third printing
  • The audiobook will go on sale on Wednesday, 17 December; it's available for pre-order
  • If you don't subscribe to the New York Times Book Review you might want to buy the edition dated 12/15. Not a review but... Chortle.
Meanwhile, here's the latest links roundup for Hild. It's not everything; I haven't included a zillion reviews from places like Goodreads and Amazon and smaller personal blogs because it's just too hard to keep track. But if you see something you think I might have missed, please let me know. Previous roundups available here.

The Week
Novel of the week: Hild
"This 'fierce, brilliant, and accomplished book' brings to life a 7th-century England in which women worked in every corner of the economy."
(print only for now, but they liked it)

Fox Home
"Despite gruesome scenes of battle and torture this is a book that can be called lovely, because this is a book about seeing. We see a beautiful land that is still mostly natural. We see it through the eyes of Hild..."

Keep the Wisdom
"I have spent the last four days in seventh century Britain so fully engrossed in its brutal and beautiful world that sitting down at my computer feels like I have come back to the future."

Literary Omnivore
Review: Hild


Sacramento News and Review
From Pagan to Saint, Kel Munger

And finally one dog, at least, likes Hild as much as cats seem to:
Petunia will fight you for a book
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