Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hild audiobook

From: Darlene 
I've been checking everyday for Hild. Any chance I'll ever find it there? If not, I've got my Kindle ready to roll! Your blog is really interesting,and I added some of your other books to my TBR pile. I'm ashamed to admit I've never heard of you until just recently. But I'm very glad that's been remedied! Thanks for your time.

The Hild audiobook is complete. It's narrated by Pearl Hewitt, a fellow Northerner (a Geordie rather than a Yorkshire lass--but, still, wow, how cool is that?) Sadly the original narrator, Anne Flosnik, had to withdraw from the project.

Pearl did a heroic job. This is a huge book, 23.5 hours of finished audio, and when Anne stepped down Pearl stepped into the breach with aplomb and, as one of my favourite fictional characters might say, took it on the volley.

It will be released 12/17 and is now available for pre-order:
And probably others which I'll add as they become available.
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