Thursday, August 2, 2012

Marriage equality and the election

In The Advocate, Barney Frank says that marriage equality will be part of the Democratic Party platform in November:

Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts said in a telephone interview Monday that the Democratic Party will affirm its commitment to marriage equality in the platform currently being drafted and that the move has his "full support."
"Yes, it will be in the platform," said Frank. "I am in favor of it being included and it will be included."
I'm sorry that man is retiring.

Here in Washington State, things continue to look good for Referendum 74. But if you live here, if you know people who live here, please don't get complacent. Remind everyone--now and in November--to vote to approve R-74. Approving R-74 means approving marriage equality.

More on this--so much more--when my post-op drug fog evaporates.
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