Friday, August 3, 2012


I've been zoning out and watching more Olympics. (Hey, my post-operative instructions say I'm 'required to rest.' What's your excuse?) And I'm enjoying more and more the physical power of the women athletes. Even the gymnasts are now standing with their legs apart, owning their space. None of that demure, folded-in body language we've been seeing for decades. Not before time.

And the football players... Well, I wish some of them would lose the froofy hair stuff--particularly the North Koreans--but, hey, if it makes them feel good, why not? (The Koreans are very young--about half the team are teenagers.) Ditto the sparkly cosmetics favoured by the Russian gymnasts.

I did enjoy the body decorations of a Team GB swimmer: she had the Olympic rings tattooed on her ribs. My names is Nicola Griffith and I approve of that message.

I admit, though, despite the improved body-language, I'm getting just a wee bit sick of the Olympics. It's like reading non-fiction: no matter how good it is, eventually I want to good sword-swangin' adventure fiction.

So I sat down to watch the entire Season 2 of Game of Thrones. (I have all eps of both seasons securely stashed on TiVo. I've watched the first season eps at least twice each.) But to my dismay, I couldn't manage even half an episode: it bored me. This, of course, could be due to all the meds I'm taking: tiny minds are easily bored. But I recall that even the first time around I found the first couple of S2 eps less than satisfactory--although the season hit its stride as it progressed. There again, after seeing so many real-life powerful women, the sexualised object of GoT might, this time, altered state of consciousness or not, prove unbearable.

So now I don't know what to watch. Perhaps Rome (but, eh, there's that horrible ep where Atia is abused). Perhaps TiVo can find me something suitably graspable-for-tiny-minds, non-sexist, and epical. Perhaps my interest in the Olympics will pick up when the track and field starts. Perhaps I'll recover enough brain power to, gasp, read.

ETA: I tried to watch Tron: EcstasyLegacy instead. I'd never seen it before. I sat, stunned, feeling the same way I had in 1980 when I took three mystery pills at a friend's house--which turned out to be MDMA--and got lost trying to walk the four blocks home while sodium lights  and stars streaked around me and the noise of passing cars turned into the best music I'd ever heard. Pretty wild. But I could only cope with about forty minutes of the film.

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