Saturday, May 1, 2010

Don't ask, don't telephone...

It's Saturday, my brain is fried, so here's linkage for the weekend.

First up, via the Advocate, this remake of Lady Gaga/Beyoncé's 'Telephone' by servicemen in Afghanistan. [Update, apparently Aaron, one of the soldiers in the video, has two mums.]

Second, here's part of the reason for my brain being fried: climate change is making my allergies worse. I've always been violently allergic to tree pollen. Now, according to Mother Jones, more CO2 means more pollen--which means a more pronounced reaction to foodstuffs related to some common tree pollen species. "People who are genetically presdisposed to fruit and nut allergies," people, y'know, like me, tuh, "may find that increased exposure to birch pollen makes their food reactions worse. Similarly, more ragweed pollen could aggravate symptoms in people allergic to melon." (Thanks, Cindy.)

This one's old but I find myself thinking about it on and off: how to make a stylus for your iPad from a pencil and a sock. Seriously. Very cool. (Thanks, Jennifer.)

Another Jennifer tells me she'll be curating a lesbian poetry series at Kissed By Venus a website which "presents original short fiction, book reviews, author interviews, and commentary on lesbian fiction (and related subjects) by a wide range of writers and readers, from all corners of the lesbian fiction world."

The Publishing Triangle announced their awards last night at a ceremony at the New School's Tishman Auditorium, "where prizes were given in the categories of lesbian poetry, gay poetry, debut fiction, LGBT fiction, gay nonfiction and lesbian nonfiction." has the skinny.

And finally our weekly roundup of links for writers is up over at Sterling Editing. Lots of good stuff, including a long article from the New Yorker on the future of books. (For those who don't track all the industry goings-on, it's a good catch-up article.) As you'll see from the post, Kelley and I are planning to be off the grid from May 17 through June 6. With any luck, I'll see through my allergies and the allurements of Hild clearly enough to do a real blog post before then.

Meanwhile, have a fabulous weekend.

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