Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Calling all SF readers, and queer YA writers

Want to read future Hugo-winning f/sf? Well, for the price of becoming a supporting member of Aussicon 4, the world science fiction convention, you can get the 'Hugo packet', which is a fabulously complete packet of electronic text of all the nominated books and stories on the final ballot. Wow. Go look at the nominees. Then think to yourself, is all that juicy fiction, plus the right to vote for your favourite/s, worth the very small sum of AU $70/US $64? So go join, go read, go vote. What a steal...

Brenda Bowen, an agent at Sandford J. Greenburger, is looking for up and coming quiltbag YA writers. According to LambdaLiterary, she's "particularly interested to find a writer for a YA book project she is developing. Please send a writing sample to Synopsis + three sample chapters from a YA novel would be best, but an equivalent is fine." What are you waiting for?

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