Thursday, June 18, 2009

dinner dinner, yum yum

Last night we ate a pre-anniversary dinner at Rover's. We opted for their 'Twist on a Classic' prix fixe, which was delicious and excellent--stunning, in fact--value.

Grilled Asparagus, Pickled Red Onion and Carrot with Champagne Mousseline
Cascade Morel and Artisanal Bacon Soup with Fried Garlic Brioche
Rabbit “Á la Moutarde”, Fingerling Potato Rissolée, Fennel Confit and Radish Salad
Dark Chocolate Pot De Crème, Coffee Gelée and Orange Madeleine


We also went for the wine pairings: a different glass with each course. In addition, and just because we could, we had a glass of Taittinger to start (it was our wedding champagne, long long ago) and, afterwards, Armagnac and espresso (for me) and Cognac and latte (for Kelley). A lovely evening, with some reminiscences but more looking into the future (and some dreamy hand-holding). The chef put the pot de creme on a long plate, and used a brush to paint a chocolate shooting star with little tiny orange-something or other dots like stars beneath it and 'Happy Anniversary' written in chocolate. I've never eaten the heavens before.

I'm still feeling pleasantly mellow.

Our anniversary (our 21st) isn't until next week, but next week is stuffed with Things To Do, so we thought we'd take the opportunity to celebrate now. 21 is a big number. I'm happy to celebrate as many times as we can. Though none of them will be quite like last year's shindig (that's the photo above: the table waiting for our guests...)

Life is good.

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