Tuesday, July 1, 2008

best. dinner. ever

On Saturday, to celebrate our 20th anniversary, Kelley and I had a dinner party for friends. It began at 6:30 pm and went until a fleet of cabs began to arrive at 1:30 am to ferry guests safely home. It was wonderful.

Everyone told stories of how we all met, and how our friendships had flowered (and been challenged) over the years. And we ate and drank the most marvellous food on the planet, prepared by our friend, Becky Selengut. And the wines! Oh! One of them was older than Us, a 1987 seriously old school Rioja.

Most of our guests were, like us, committed carnivores, but we had one fishtarian, so she had a slightly different menu. For those who want to know what we ate, here's the meat menu, and here's the fish menu.

Read them and drool....

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