Friday, April 17, 2009

the perfect creative writing class

I've been having a conversation on my Facebook page about what the perfect creative course might focus on. Those who have responded so far are screenwriters (who mostly would like to learn to get of their own way, and to understand story better), but I'd love to hear from other writers.

If you could take one class, what would it look like? Three hours or two years? Part-time or full-time? Online or in-person? Workshop or lecture or MFA? And what would you like to learn? What's the single most important area you would like to focus on?

This is a question for editors, agents, publishers, booksellers, marketers, critics and readers, too. What do you desperately wish most writers knew but obviously don't? What do we need to be able to do that we can't? Where do most writers fail? Or, looked at another way, what wonderful things do we do that you'd like to see us do even better?

Please, be as honest as you can. Go as long or as short as you like. Feel free to include links or examples.

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