Sunday, April 12, 2009

google-bomb, amazonfail, and a little crucifixion

Happy Easter.

Here's what I woke up to this morning: have stripped my books of their sales rank because of their queer content. This means my books are invisible to search.

This means are literally taking away my livelihood because my books have lesbian characters. This means I might starve. are starving me because I'm a lesbian and write about people like me.

Read a coherent explanation here. (I'm too fucking angry to bother to write it all out). Then go sign the petition here. Then go read about Amazon Rank, and Google-bomb the fuck out of amazon. Also spread the word in any way you can. For example, join #amazonfail, or write to your agent and editor and personal contact at amazon. (I've written to people of VP level and above at Randomhouse, HarperCollins, and Penguin; I've signed the petition; I'm about to Tweet.) This is a bewilderingly idiotic policy that could result in real damage if it's not stopped now.

At the very least, I want a public apology from Jeff Bezos, and I want the resignation of whichever manager OK'd this idiocy. What I really want is a public crucifixion, but I'll settle for knowing the homophobic fool who thought queers don't really matter and weren't worth considering is unemployed and desperately miserable.

I am tired of being the low-hanging fruit that cretins pluck when they need to pander to Moral America. This time, I hope some people choke on their soft fruit.

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