Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Queer Universes blog

Some of you may already have read the essay I wrote with Kelley, "War Machine, Time Machine," which was first published in Queer Universes: Sexualities and Science Fiction, edited by Wendy Gay Pearson, Veronica Hollinger, and Joan Gordon.

It a cool book but it's an academic text and therefor wicked expensive. So for the book to get read, for it to get out into the world and into the hands of those who might benefit, people like you need to order it from their library. (Just in case you're rich, the above link takes you to where, because of vagaries of the exchange rate and strange economic and political considerations, the book costs about $30 less than it does in the US. Buy a copy and donate it.) If enough people buy the hardcover--which really is ridiculously priced--the publisher, Liverpool University Press, will bring out a more affordable trade paper edition. Then it will really get read.

To encourage this process, Wendy Pearson has built a blog. I hope you'll visit and offer encouragement or consider linking from your own blog. If enough people go play, it could become a nexus of queer sf criticism and commentary. I hope so. We certainly need one. (If anyone has any good queer sf links please suggest them here or in the comments on Wendy's blog. Let's get this web of queer sfanistas hooked up.)

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