Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm gone

I'll be on the Olympic Peninsula--far from email--until late Wednesday. I might get around to writing a time-activated blog post or two before I leave, or I might not. I'm feeling sorta sleepy and Sunday-ish and think I might just putter about the house getting ready for the dinner we're throwing for my sister, her sweetie, and one of our good friends.

On the menu: butternut squash soup, lamb stew, profiteroles. With lots of delicious wine.

I think my sister has met our friend, briefly, at a party we gave eight years ago, but I love knowing that friends, family, and neighbours have been properly introduced. It makes the world seem more knit together, the safety net more sturdy. I like having a place in a multi-stranded community.

I even introduced our masseuse, Susan, to our artist neighbour, Vicki. I think Susan might end up buying some art from Vicki for her massage rooms--one day, when she gets around to it. But the connection is there. It pleases me.

Do any of you do anything like that? Do you set people up on blind dates? Suggest that friends get their houses painted by your contractor? Share secrets of where to get your favourite shoes resoled instead of buying new ones? Does it make you feel good?

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