Thursday, March 26, 2009

blank by the water

The view from our window.

I've just got back from time on the Olympic Peninsula with Kelley, my sister Anne and her sweetie Eric. I did nothing. For three days.

Well, okay, I wandered about near the water (Hood Canal) and ate a lot, and sat in the window seat of our room staring at the water and the mountains. Then I ate some more. Stared some more. Had a drink in the bar.

Most of the staring time was spent being perfectly blank. But I did a little thinking, too, mainly about Hild. Once Anne and Eric go back to the UK I'll be tackling my novel with renewed energy and a clearer sense of purpose. (That is, Hild's purpose. I think I can now make the whole religion thing work structurally. No, I'm not ready to talk about it. Yes, that does make me a tease.)

So here's another tease for you: lots of people have bemoaned the fact that there's no Janes Plane video. Well, there is. I now have it on my hard drive...

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