Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Guinness does NOT contain maize/corn

Three weeks ago, after reading/hearing a disturbing rumour that Guinness uses high-fructose corn syrup, I wrote to Guinness directly to ask them about their ingredients. I did not get a response. So I posted this. But I also wrote to them again:

I'd love a definitive answer to this question: What, exactly, is Guinness made from?
To put it another way: Do you use corn/maize at any stage?
As I explained to them, I'm not a purity fanatic, it's just that corn/maize isn't good for me. Also, frankly—though I didn't put this in the email—the thought of drinking beer made with maize/corn makes me shudder. I've always disliked the notion of wheat beer, too (though wheat doesn't make me ill unless I eat way, way too much of it).

This morning the customer service department responded:
Guinness does not contain high fructose corn syrup nor does it contain corn or maize.
Yay! Mostly. It's picky, I know, but I wanted them to say, No, we do not use maize/corn at any stage of our process. So I've written to them again. (I might be lazy but I can also be stubborn. I'll add their response when I get it.)

ETA: Here's their reply:
Corn and maize are not used in the production of Guinness.
So Guinness does not contain corn/maize.

I was an idiot to publish my post before I heard from the brewer directly but I did. I made a mistake. Anyway, I apologise to anyone whose equilibrium I disturbed with this. Sorry.

But those other beers like Corona? Yep, they're still full of stuff I can't drink. Sigh.
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