Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Final Hild links roundup

For those who are counting, this is links roundup #20. I've put all twenty in one place. I'm also assembling humongous roundups of Hild reviews, interviews, essays and other miscellany. They're messy; there's a lot of stuff...

Which is why I'm stopping now. The book's been out nearly seven months, soon the publicity machine will start up again for the UK hardback release on July 24, followed by the US paperback on October 28, and Hild II isn't going to write itself. Also, frankly I'm itching to blog about something other than my own stuff.

So let's get to it.

Boston Bibliophile
"What I loved most about Hild is the relationships between the characters, particularly Hild and Cian's diverging friendship. I really felt her frustration and helplessness as they grew apart, as Cian's sexuality developed and lead him away from his childhood friend. But Hild also lives in a world of women..."

Spiral Galaxy Reads
"I felt that the portrayal of a time of great change and the people caught up in it rang completely true. I loved the character of Hild especially—it’s hard not to like someone that smart, especially when she’s believably flawed. "

Adventures in Reading
"Hild is a remarkable character, never anywhere close to perfect, but fully realized and growing all the while. But, it isn't just Hild that is a fleshed out character. From kings to warriors to peasants to slaves, Griffith presents each character as someone who might just have lived so many years ago, and with deft touches, those characters have their own lives that keep on going even when they are not on page."

"[Hild is] game of thrones meets katniss everdeen..."

Five Great Speculative Fiction Novels by Women
"This book is amazing on so many levels I’m going to apologize to author and reader in advance because I’m not going to be able to do it justice in the space I’ve allotted myself."

None today, though there are three in the can (Locus, the SFWA website, and Smart Bitches, Trashy Books) and two queued up (Real Change and KSER). 

Queering SFF Pride Month
"...when thinking about 'books that aren’t published as speculative but are queer and would totally appeal to an SFF audience,' I immediately landed on this one. / Probably because it’s also really, really good."

[Some interesting commentary here on sexuality in Hild--both in the body of the piece and the comments.]

Judging the Tiptree
"I'll bring up the question of Hild. We all thought it was brilliant, we all thought it explored gender in creative ways..."
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