Thursday, June 5, 2014

Coming soon...

Now that I've drawn a line under banging the Hild drum (at least until other publicity efforts gear up) I'm free to think about other things. I have glimmerings (not strong enough yet to label ideas) concerning blog posts on the following:

  • the power and authority of women—today and days past
  • choices writers face when writing immersive fiction
  • thoughts on the notion of branding for writers
  • dog-whistle flap-copy
  • 3-part Women in the Arts: discriminations and triumphs
  • how men can be allies for women in public situations
  • making character action dense and rich 
  • thoughts on how to approach diversity on conference/convention panels
If you like the sound of any of those topics, let me know in a comment. If you loathe the idea of any one in particular, ditto.

ETA: Seriously, leave comments in the comments. If it's on Twitter or FB or personal email I can't keep track. Thanks.
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