Friday, April 25, 2014

The Queer Detective

Gay City and Seattle Public Library are joining forces for "The Queer Detective: Discovering LGBTQ Mysteries and Suspense.I can't be there, otherwise I would love to have talked about Aud.
Discovering LGBT Mysteries and Suspense
Wednesday, Apr 30 / 7pm
Seattle Central Public Library
1000 4th Ave
Microsoft Auditorium
Murder, theft, cons and crimes shadow the streets within a mystery novel, but thankfully for its innocent denizens, there’s a hero or heroine on the case, striking fear into villains and solving the toughest of puzzles, all while alluding danger and living out of the closet.
"Queer" detectives, investigators, and mysteries solvers are not new to the noir world. Protectors of its dark cityscapes include such literary LGBT luminaries as Joseph Hansen’s dogged investigator Dave Brandstetter, Nicola Griffith’s steely heroine Aud Torvingen, and Josh Lanyon’s inquisitive bookseller Adrien English.
Join Gay City, Gay Romance NW Meetup, and the Seattle Central Public Library as we present our latest Meet The Author reading with three northwest writers who spotlight crime solvers who find the culprit and celebrate LGBT love and relationships. This reading event will include Lambda Literary winner Nicole Kimberling (Bellingham Mysteries), Rainbow Award winner Lori L. Lake (Gun Shy) and Lou Sylvre (Loving Luki Vasquez).
So, y'know, be there or be square. And tell me all about it!
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