Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lilacs in the mist

lilacs and honeysuckle
We've had a run of magnificent weather here in Seattle. That's scheduled to change tomorrow. But here's a photo taken not long after dawn a couple of days ago: the back fence where our honeysuckle is making friends with the neighbour's lilace.

It turned out to be a blazing hot day but it began, as so many do, shrouded in sea mist. The briny mist, the aromatic cedar fence, the light perfume of blossom: sublime.

I hope to blog more next week. Right now I'm going through copy-editor queries resulting from my first-pass proof comments. Then it's pondering the Hild map—specifically Roman roads. Then I have to turn my attention to all the stuff I have to get done before New York. So, eh, we'll see...
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