Monday, May 13, 2013

Hild is a fall/winter Buzz Book

I heard this morning that Hild will be one of the fall/winter buzz books from Publishers Lunch. This is a big deal, because it means that Hild is one of the 40 most-buzzed books for the season. It also means you can read the first chapter today.

This is because Publishers Lunch have created a special ebook (for Kindle, iThings, and Nook) that contains excerpts from those top 40 books, including, y'know, me, and, oh yeah, stuff from writers such as Amy Tan, Jonathan Lethem, Sue Grafton, Tamora Pierce...

Here are direct links (for people in the US) to the free book direct from your favourite device or app:
For readers outside the US there is--woo-hoo!--an international edition (which has fewer excerpts). I found the link for those in the UK, to read via Kindle. But if you're in say, Australia, you'll have to search your favourite retailer for the link.

Enjoy! Then, y'know, go pre-order Hild...
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