Thursday, January 10, 2013

A photo of me

Generally only seriously weird people ask me for my photo. (Oh, and publicists...) Oddly, I've had two requests for photos in two days, neither from particularly strange people. So, okay, here you go. This is what I looked like the night before last. Don't say I don't do anything for you.

taken with my phone in low light



  1. Ha! I'd just had my hair cut, I was exhausted--to tired to bother even getting up to turn the lights on. Too tired to get up and go look at my new haircut in the mirror, so I thought, Ah, fuck it, I'll just take a picture. What I got was a weird false-colour image (which I quite like), but when I turned it to B&W I liked it even more. It doesn't show any pouches under my eyes or lines or nicks and dings of time. So, hey, win!

    The author photo is a whole other thing. I start that process next week.

  2. I think you should use this one :) And I like the haircut too!