Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Me doing a cover of "My Girl is Queen of the Savages" on ukulele

Yesterday was the 13-week anniversary of getting Jeepster: she is a quarter of a year old. To celebrate, I'd meant to record a beautifully rehearsed bit of...something. But because I wasn't sure what--though I was pondering both "Hallelujah" and "Bird on a Wire"--I got around to neither.

But then I did a tweet, around 5 pm, saying, Hey, I was going to do this thing, but didn't, so any requests? And Alyx Dellamonica said, Do "My Girl is Queen of the Savages!" And I said, Never fucking heard of it! But then I went to YouTube and listened to it, and it seemed easy enough. So I thought, Ah, what the fuck, sat down, ran through it a couple of times, and recorded it on my phone.

From hearing the name of the song for the first time to posting my cover version: about 90 minutes (maybe 2 hrs, it's hard to figure out, exactly). It's a wee bit out of my range--a bit high--but hey, sometimes life is all about taking things on the volley. It's less than two minutes. Enjoy.

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