Monday, June 18, 2012

Bee feet on my food

I've been eating a lot of chive flowers. (A lot, period.) This is a photo I took the other day with my phone. I was particularly struck by the cool bee shades...

I tend to put the flowers in our morning omelette or on top of lunch time Cobb salad (K's phone in case provides handy scale--taken just before addition of flowers--hey, once the flowers are on no power in the 'verse can stop me from eating):

Chive flowers are delicious: a delicate, aromatic, slightly onion-y taste, and a variety of colours (depending on how new they are--newer = darker and richer;  though only on the plant. Once you pick them and tease them into their individual blossoms, they're a uniform pale purple). I'm a sucker for brightly-coloured food. So I'll be sad when the flowers are done. Which will be Really Soon Now.

Also coming Really Soon Now: me back to a regular blogging schedule. Just not quite yet. I still have a lot on my plate (not just food...).

But really. Soon now.
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