Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Marriage equality in Washington for Valentine's Day

Governor Chris Gregoire signed the Washing marriage equality bill into law today. At some point this year, for same-sex couples it will be possible to get married in Washington, as well as marrid. The Seattle Times editorial summarised the situation:

The rights, responsibilities and obligations of same-sex couples have been put into law. Two signature campaigns loom this spring. Ignore them both. Voters and lawmakers have spoken.

One campaign has about four months to gather 120,000 signatures to present voters with a referendum on the measure Gregoire signed into law. Another would seek to define marriage as between one man and one female.

"It is signed," the governor declared to raucous cheers. It is settled as well. Washington has a law that respects religious freedom and celebrates the family values that empower the state.

We'll see what the summer brings. But today I'm hopeful. Happy Valentine's Day.

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