Monday, February 13, 2012

Full Metal Jousting

So how come I didn't know about Full Metal Jousting?? I'm guessing it's the perfect accompaniment to prednisone. Take a look at the show:

But this video, courtesy, is much more interesting:

So: Downton Abbey or Full Metal Jousing tonight... Tricky.



  1. Crazy stuff, but completely watchable. :-) The interview with Shane Adams was interesting. I LOVE that most of his troupe's horses are rescue animals. When Shane discussed the relationship between horse and rider, the level of trust required to overcome the horse's native instincts, I was reminded me of the young wrangler and her big old horse that drove off a grizzly bear and saved a young boy's life. In case you'd not seen it (although I think just about everyone in the world did), here's the article link: Cheers, Lyn.

  2. My sister and I read the Sunday comic strip Prince Valiant, and once jousted on our bicycles with long poplar limbs. We clashed the branches together, and whoever stayed up won. Ah, jousting!

  3. I didn't enjoy it because it quickly delved into all their personal problems, which bored me to to tears. I'm like: MORE HITTING WITH BIG STICKS! But they spent more time arguing and grandstanding than jousting.

  4. Yeah, I'm guessing a show more in the vein of the 2nd video would have been more interesting. But int the end, I chose Downtown Abbey. FMJ is awaiting me on TiVo when I get around to it.

  5. Oh. Rambunctious boys making me believe for a minute who wins is IMPORTANT, you know; that flashiness does beguile me now and then. But really, why would I spend a minute with that kind of loud theater when I might attend something that teaches me how to love a baby or hold the hand of a dying parent, something that REALLY gets my attention. Those A. RIch lines haunt: "but gentleness is active/gentleness swabs the crusted stump/invents more merciful touch the wound beyond the wound/does not faint with disgust." Those boys love the romance of violence, but they don't stick around to touch the 'crusted stumps.' Lightweights, they are, really.