Sunday, September 18, 2011

Full bore autumn today

yeah, crapcam again, sorry about that

Raining, windy, leaves blowing. Neighbour cat huddling against the wall looking pathetic. (Yes, I'm talking about Chow Ciao, the stray we fed for a while. She's been adopted by a neighbour, but still comes to visit when she fancies an extra bit of fuss or service. Sometimes she comes here looking especially white and fluffy and offended, which I take to mean her new staff have given her a shampoo and blowdry.)

I'm okay with this weather for now. I'm approaching the end of this draft of Hild and sunshine can be a distraction. But next week, just in time for a Hugely Important Person's Most Splendid Birthday, we're due lashings and splashings of golden sun and bright blue skies. And I'll be done with Hild. And joy will cover the earth.

So I'm heading for a fabulous week. I wish the same for you.

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