Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Naked Writing 01

It's official: Kelley has now reached her goal of $2,000 in sponsorship for her Clarion West write-a-thon work. She's writing fresh pieces every morning based on a writing prompt for those donate $35 or more. And, of course, anyone can give any amount any time, just because. ($5 or $5,000, it's all good.) Clarion West is a life-changing experience and Kelley is the board chair, and, besides, Clarion (when it was still at MSU) is where we met, so it's dear to our hearts. We want you to give, give, give so that future students can have their lives changed for the better.

I promised that when Kelley made her goal I'd start posting snippets of my naked--that is, unedited, raw, never-before-seen--writing. I won't be doing graceful, specially-created pieces like Kelley. This is her gig, not mine. Besides, I'm in the middle of my Hild novel and am unwilling to dilute my focus. (Everyone will nag at me if I do.) I also can't post excerpts of that book here. So what I'll be posting instead are snippets of what I've called hypnagogics: dreamtime writing that has no use but as itself.

Like this:

She is the drape of heavy silk, the swing of black-brown curl, the liquorice-eyed beauty; the turn of muscled calf, the gleam of sweat, and a ring of dull silver. She is the rounded belly of rosewood guitar, the liquid note, the hard hipbone, the teeth sinking into roast kid. She is the flick of tongue, the fold of flesh, the sharp scent of bear. She is a summer night, hot and close, uncomfortable--and longed for on cold, cold winter afternoons.

In the future perhaps I'll post one or two more hypnagogics, or a series of songs/poems/battle taunts I've written while living in Hild world. I won't be able to use them in the novel, but I like to know they exist. Or perhaps I'll find a paragraph or two of outtakes, scenes that just don't fit. Or maybe I'll dig out the beginnings of stories I haven't completed. But all will be raw and unedited. (If I have time I'll also show you how I might edit such things, if I were planning to use them anywhere.)

Actually, hmmn. I think I might even have some not-used scenes from various Aud books. If I can find them. But I won't post those until Kelley's total gets past $2,250. So if you want to see them, sponsor her.

Kelley's latest Clarion West write-a-thon piece is "Garden Grow." And if you followed my Tweetstream yesterday you have an extra luscious layer of subtext for this wicked piece. (Never piss off a writer.) So go read it. Catch up on all seventeen pieces so far. Consider sponsoring Kelley.

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