Sunday, April 17, 2011

Message from a viajera

From: Kida Valérie Charavel

Hello, just wanted to share something... Discovered Aud in The Blue Place, and since then, just kept following your books one after the other...

Last time I had this hunger was for Marion Zimmer Bradley and her great Darkover series.

Lately, I'm on Jeep with Marghe, and I wanted to share this : You've put a name on what I am... I just found my name... a Viajera. Can't explain how much it fits me...

Forgive me this pitiful English, I'm French, but still, I read your books in English... From Monique Wittig and from Helene Cixous and her Amazon Tales, I used to call myself "porteuse de fables" (a kind of "fable carrier"). I also enjoyed "La que sabe" from Clarissa Pinkola Estes... But you definitely stole the first place with this simple word: Viajera.

Which applies to me in so many ways... I'm a nomad, lived in Mexico, Morocco, Egypt, France, now Belgium... travelled a lot... Lover of myth, old memories of goddesses and earthly and natural ways for caring, healing, planting, building, creating, playing, dancing, chanting...

Well, I wanted to thank you so much for this beautiful word Viajera.

May we all be viajeras...

Keep telling stories Nicola

Ammonite is the most consciously mythic of my books. In some ways it's about storytelling, about the beginnings of myth, about the power of words and memory and the artist's journey into the unknown.

First novels, I think, are the purest expression of a writer's beginnings and hopes and dreams. Ammonite is certainly the bucket I sent deep into my story well, over and over. I gave my very last drop, everything I had.

One of the many graces of being a writer, though, is that the story well refills. Ammonite was the book that taught me to be unafraid of giving everything I have. I hope, every day, that I can keep doing that.

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