Friday, March 11, 2011

Kelley is interviewed on

Three Four links for you today:

  • interviews Kelley. “'I’m fascinated by stories of identity, of choices and consequence and big feelings.' Novelist and short story writer Kelley Eskridge dishes about her reissued science fiction novel, Solitaire (Small Beer Press), what it’s like to live with another author (Nicola Griffith), and her ideal literary three-way."
  • Over at Sterling we have some nifty links for writers, especially Ann Crispin's thorough and useful look at online promotion.
  • The paperback of Always is on sale at I mean really cheap. Wow. Why? I've no idea. (No idea, either, why the image at this link is so dark. It's not like that in reality.) But it's a bargain.
  • Interesting news (good news! nothing but good news) about one of my most favourite bookstores eva, Charis Books and More.

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