Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tell LLF how to support queer lit

The Lambda Literary Foundation needs your input.

Why should you care? Well because. Because you'll become magically better looking, more talented, and well loved. Because there are only 10 questions and, really, who can't spare ten answers for charity? Oh, and also because the more we know about what you want, the more likely we are to be able to give it to you. So, hey, how can you lose? Go fill out the simple survey.

Thank you!

ETA: Cheryl Morgan has just pointed out to me that, in question 1 (and, in fact, always), transgender is not a sexual orientation. She is absolutely right. I'm hoping it will get fixed soon. My apologies.

More: The survey is fixed, to a degree. Question one now refers to identity rather than sexual orientation. Sadly, to allow respondents to indicate more than one way to identity, we would have to delete the whole survey and begin again, losing the 100+ responses we already have. So I'm hoping those of our users who identify as, say, both lesbian and trans, will choose to add their second identity in the comment box and forgive us this muddle. Please rest assured we'll do our utmost to not repeat this kind of mistake.

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