Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Taunted by technology

Yesterday my iTouch stopped working. Safari went first, it just froze. And Gmail was being weird: I could access it through the Mail app, if I went through 'Accounts', but if I tried to use the actual Gmail app I could get as far as looking at the list of mail in my inbox and no further. iGoogle was also just...frozen. In other words, everything that went through Safari was screwed but the other stuff was fine.

I tried a couple of basic things like deleting caches and cookies and whatnot. No difference. So, huh, clearly it was the Safari app itself. So then I tried opening Safari and holding down the home button on the theory that it will somehow get a grip on itself and behave. (I'm very technical that way.) It did, in fact, return me eventually to the home screen but with an unexpected result: all my apps got a red cross in the upper left corner and, I don't know how else to say this, waggled at me insultingly.

Being taunted by technology makes me cross.

No, I didn't hurl the cheeky git at the wall, I turned it off. (Ha! That'll teach you!) Then I got focused and did what I should have done hours earlier and used my desktop to do a web search for 'iTouch frozen Safari'. (Which would make a nifty sf story title, I think: global freezing, tech, and porn...) The solution popped up immediately: I reset the iTouch by holding down the Home and Off buttons simultaneously until the screen went blank and the Apple logo appeared. Then I turned it off. Waited anxiously for a moment with visions of returning the thing to its factory settings and rocking the neighbourhood with wails of grief and despair. Then I turned it on again. Whap, good as new.

My relief was instructive. I've had this thing for less than six weeks and it's already indispensable. I can't make up my mind whether to be delighted about human brain plasticity, or to be appalled at the speed with which we become dependent on technology.

Sadly, the reset did nothing to improve crapcam.

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