Saturday, January 22, 2011

My 'risk intelligence' is high, baby. How about yours?

Via Cassandra, I learnt about the Point Project. According to their website, the Point Project:

is a project to gather information about risk intelligence. We think high risk intelligence is rare, but we don’t know exactly how rare it is, so we set up ProjectionPoint to find out.
Risk Intelligence Quotient (RQ) is a measure of a person’s ability to estimate probabilities accurately. People with high risk intelligence tend to make better predictions than those with low risk intelligence is high.

So I took the test. (It's all about me!) Happily (smugly, boastfully and in full knowledge of my superiority), I can reveal that my score is High. Yours? Ah, well, better luck next time. But, hey, I could probably have predicted that...

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