Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kerbian explosion

The kerbs have been feeding us for three weeks now. As you can see, harvesting them just encourages their insane growth. The basil is an absolute thug: menacing the other kerbs for their lunch money. In case you don't quite understand the sheer size of the beast, here's one leaf we used in a salad dressing yesterday:

Yes, that's my hand. These things are ridiculously large.

And they move. Seriously. In the space of half an hour they can change their orientation. They seem to move subtlely when we ignore them. For example, this morning we had a breakfast requiring zero herbs: fried trout and grapefruit. (One of my favourite way to start the food day.) The sage, by the end of the meal, was pointing directly at me. It looked accusing. I gave it a heartless smile and turned to the funnies.

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